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The term "Vixen" herein utilised is to be taken as including, but not limited to, the following:
1. This website;
2. The owners of this website;
3. Any associated companies and officers of these companies including subsidiary and/or superseding companies;
4. All associated employees and contractors whether directly or indirectly involved/employed.


1. This site is intended for use of individuals over the age of 18 years. 
2. If you are under the age of 18 years or do not wish to be exposed to text or media content of an adult and explicit nature, please leave the site immediately.


By using this site, you undertake/agree/warrant/guarantee/understand/acknowledge:
1. That you are at least 18 years of age;
2. That your use of the site cannot be deemed a violation of any law, regulation, rule, ordinance, edict or custom in the area where you are located AND that your use of the site does not breach any relevant legalisation in the area where you are located;
3. To use the site and/or the content on the site for lawful purposes only AND in accordance with these terms and conditions;
4. That all information you supply is correct including any proof of age documents provided;
5. To not access or use this site for any illegal or unlawful purpose or in breach of any applicable legislation whereever you are located.
6. That you are SOLELY responsible for all communications you enter into and any consequences as a result of your use of the site and/or your communications;
7. Not to communicate in a manner that may be deemed threatening, obscene or inappropriate;
8. Not to defame, abuse, harass, stalk or in any other way violate the legal rights of any other party including their right to privacy;
9. Not to upload, post, publish, distribute, disseminate or circulate any inappropriate material or opinions including, but not limited to, defamatory, obscene, illegal, racist, sexist, homophobic comments;
10. Not to upload, attempt to upload or cause to be uploaded any viruses or similar programs that may damage the site and/or the computers of users of the site;
11. Not to post or upload any material for which you do not have or hold the rights;
12. Not to advertise, promote or offer any goods and/or services without the prior approval of the site owners who have the sole right to allow/disallow any such advertising and/or to place conditions on same;
13. Not to post or distribute chain letters, surveys, competitions, contests or similar by way of the site;
14. Not to represent yourself as someone other than yourself;
15. To prevent anyone not legally entitled to access the site from doing so or viewing the site;
16. Not to supply or disclose your logon details to any other party;
17. That anything you post on or to the site is not private and therefore others can access it without your knowledge or prior approval;
18. That you indemnify Vixen Online Ltd from all costs, claims, liabilities and expenses (including legal expenses) whether direct or indirect which may be incurred as a result of your breach of any of these terms and conditions AND/OR use of this site;
19. That Vixen reserves the right to edit any and all personal details or information provided by you;
20. By posting to the site, you automatically grant, and represent and warrant that you have the right to so grant Vixen a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to exploit, use, copy, reproduce, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, perform, and display the posted information alone or as part of other works in any form, media, or technology whether now known or hereafter developed;
21. Vixen may generate emails for the purpose of information and/or entertainment and that you agree to receipt of these messages and acknowledge that not all communications sent from site users maybe genuine.


1. The site owners DO NOT monitor communications on this site;
2. We strongly advise against providing personal details to any party via the site or as a consequence of your use of the site.


1. To optimise the user experience of the site, and thereby encourage more and repeat users, we are constantly striving to improve the functionality and appearance of the Vixen website. This requires us to set minimum standards for photographs uploaded to the site.
2. Photographs uploaded to Vixen should adhere to the following minimum standards and Vixen reserves the right to delete or edit any photographs that do not.
a) Vixen is not a porn site, so please do not upload explicit nude photographs or any explicitly depicting sexual activity. The presence of such photos on the site may affect where and how we can advertise the site and how search engines etc. deal with us. In addition, ‘why give away what you are trying to sell’ – if you have explicit photos of yourself alone or with others why not create a profile in our VIP Lounge area where you will get paid when people view them? If you’re interested, please ask your Account Manager for details.
b) Photos should be optimised to 800 x 1200 pixels. Anything smaller than say 600 x 900 and it may look too small onscreen, anything larger and the site will resize it to the optimised size.
c) We recommend you avoid photos that have the head ‘chopped off’. If you have photos of yourself that you like but you do not want to show your face please contact your Account Manager and arrange to send them to us so that we can blur your face for you. This is a free service and looks much better than ‘chopped off head’ shots.
d) If you have tattoos but do not want them to be recognised the we suggest you either cover them or contact your Account Manager and ask that we blur them for you. We will not remove them completely because this amounts to ‘false advertising’ but we will make them unrecognisable. This service is also normally free, but charges may apply if the work required is extensive.
e) Your image(s) are the most important part of your advertising and it is vitally important that you have good images on the site. Blurred, poorly lit or poorly posed images can seriously affect the effectiveness of your advertising so don’t skimp in this area, get a professional shoot done or ask us to arrange one for you. It will cost less than you will earn from one job and will pay off many times over.
f) Please do not upload images upside down or sideways. They detract from the site and will be removed. As soon as photos are loaded to Vixen the Vixen watermark is applied to them so we cannot download and rotate or otherwise fix images you have uploaded. If you do not know how to rotate or resize an image, please send it to and ask us to do it for you BEFORE you upload it. There is no charge for this service.
g) Please do not upload images that are already watermarked. Such watermarks can conflict with the Vixen watermark and detract from the appearance of the website. They will be removed.


1. Vixen may as and when it deems fit utilise information provided for promotion purposes including the holding of competitions;
2. Vixen reserves the right to modify or withdraw any competitions and/or special offers associated with Vixen and/or the site at any time without prior notice;
3. The decision of Vixen is final and not able to be challenged;


In the event that Vixen, at their absolute discretion, believe that
1. Any of the information supplied by you does not comply with your obligations in relation to these terms and conditions; and/or
2. Action by you, whether intentional or not, has, or may, result in a breach of these terms and conditions; and/or
3. For any other reason that Vixen feels reasonably justifies such action Vixen may, at its absolute discretion, and without need for explanation, suspend, or cancel your access to the site.


1. Vixen does not monitor the site but does retain the right at all times to refuse to publish and/or to take down any personal details or information submitted by a user and/or any message or notice posted to the site where it reasonably believes that the message or notice is incorrect, deliberately misleading, illegal, illicit, obscene, defamatory, infringing of third party rights or is likely to harm the reputation of Vixen;
2. Upon receipt of notification from a third party to the effect that information, a message or notice of the type referred to above appears on the site, Vixen may, at its absolute discretion, take down or edit such information, message, or notice without reference to you;
3. If Vixen believes that you have repeatedly misused the site it may, at its absolute discretion, and without need for explanation, suspend or cancel your access to the site;
4. Vixen`s rights above shall be without prejudice to the sole responsibility you have for content of any information, messages or notices posted to the site and to the undertakings made by you in relation to that content;
5. Should access to the site be cancelled for any reason NO refund will be provided. Credits cannot be transferred to another party.
6. Billing is based on a 28 day period, (13 periods per year) every 28 days you will be reinvoiced for our services.


1. Vixen does not monitor, or control information posted to the site but reserves the right to do so;
2. Vixen reserves the right at all times to disclose any information necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, police request or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever, at Vixen`s sole discretion.


1. The information on the site has been compiled from/submitted by a variety of sources and is subject to change without notice;
2. Vixen accepts no liability for use of or reliance on information contained on the site;
3. Vixen makes no warranty, either directly or implied, as to the accuracy of any information on the site;
4. Comments, advice, reviews, and information provided on the site are for guidance only;
5. Vixen shall not be held liable for any error, omission therein or for any loss suffered by you or any third party in consequence of reliance thereon;
6. Vixen does not accept any liability for any error or omission in relation to content of the site and shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, claims or losses of any nature (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use or inability to use the site, or any material contained in it by you or any third party, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using the site or any such material. You expressly agree that use of the site is at your sole risk.
7. Unless clearly stated to the contrary, the ideas and opinions expressed on the site are not those of Vixen and Vixen disclaims all liability for the contents thereof.


Please refer to the separate page on Copyright, it forms part of these Terms and Conditions.


1. Vixen reserves the right to add to or change these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be posted to the site, and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to refer to the terms and conditions on accessing the site.
2. Changes will become effective 48 hours after being posted to the site and you will be deemed to have accepted any change if you continue to access the site after that time.


1. Vixen accepts no liability to you for any direct or indirect loss suffered, whether financial or otherwise, as a result of interruption to delivery or delays in accessing the site, downtime or technical errors, irrespective of the cause.
2. Neither Vixen nor any of its information providers, licensors, employees or agents, gives any warranty that the service will be error free or uninterrupted.


1. Vixen takes every reasonable precaution to ensure this site is free of viruses or malware.
2. Vixen shall have no liability to you for any direct or indirect loss suffered, whether financial or otherwise, as a result of viruses or malware transmitted via the site.


All payments are non-refundable.


If you wish to advertise on this site you must signal acceptance of the terms and disclaimer set out above by clicking on the "I/We accept the terms and conditions” while preparing your listing. If you do not accept any of these terms, leave this site now.

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